Our signature triple knot headwraps are designed to be spacious and expandable. We offer two sizes: S/M which caters to the average head size of a woman, up to 24 inch circumference. L/XL caters to above average head sizes and extremely long/thick hair (locs, twists, extensions, etc), up to 27 inch circumference. Both sizes have ample room "inside" the headwrap, the main difference is the size of the opening.


All of our headwraps come pre-washed and pre-shrunk. For laundering, we advise you to spot clean as needed. We recommend against full submersion washing, but if necessary, you should secure the headwrap in a mesh/lingerie bag, wash on delicate cold cycle and let air dry; or dry clean. After washing, front knots may need to be readjusted and set to your liking.